This is what paperless-ng looks like. You shouldn’t use paperless to index research papers though, its a horrible tool for that job.

The dashboard shows customizable views on your document and allows document uploads:


The document list provides three different styles to scroll through your documents:

_images/paperless-1-list-table.png _images/paperless-2-list-smallcards.png _images/paperless-3-list-largecards.png

Extensive filtering mechanisms:


Side-by-side editing of documents. Optmized for 1080p.


Tag editing. This looks about the same for correspondents and document types.


Searching provides auto complete and highlights the results.

_images/paperless-7-autocomplete.png _images/paperless-8-search-results.png

The old admin is still there and accessible!


Fancy mail filters!


Mobile support in the future? This kinda works, however some layouts are still too wide.