No files are added by the consumer

Check for the following issues:

  • Ensure that the directory you’re putting your documents in is the folder paperless is watching. With docker, this setting is performed in the docker-compose.yml file. Without docker, look at the CONSUMPTION_DIR setting. Don’t adjust this setting if you’re using docker.

  • Ensure that redis is up and running. Paperless does its task processing asynchronously, and for documents to arrive at the task processor, it needs redis to run.

  • Ensure that the task processor is running. Docker does this automatically. Manually invoke the task processor by executing

    $ python3 qcluster
  • Look at the output of paperless and inspect it for any errors.

  • Go to the admin interface, and check if there are failed tasks. If so, the tasks will contain an error message.

Consumer fails to pickup any new files

If you notice that the consumer will only pickup files in the consumption directory at startup, but won’t find any other files added later, check out the configuration file and enable filesystem polling with the setting PAPERLESS_CONSUMER_POLLING.

Operation not permitted

You might see errors such as:

chown: changing ownership of '../export': Operation not permitted

The container tries to set file ownership on the listed directories. This is required so that the user running paperless inside docker has write permissions to these folders. This happens when pointing these directories to NFS shares, for example.

Ensure that chown is possible on these directories.

Classifier error: No training data available

This indicates that the Auto matching algorithm found no documents to learn from. This may have two reasons:

  • You don’t use the Auto matching algorithm: The error can be safely ignored in this case.

  • You are using the Auto matching algorithm: The classifier explicitly excludes documents with Inbox tags. Verify that there are documents in your archive without inbox tags. The algorithm will only learn from documents not in your inbox.

Permission denied errors in the consumption directory

You might encounter errors such as:

The following error occured while consuming document.pdf: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/src/paperless/src/../consume/document.pdf'

This happens when paperless does not have permission to delete files inside the consumption directory. Ensure that USERMAP_UID and USERMAP_GID are set to the user id and group id you use on the host operating system, if these are different from 1000. See Docker Route.

Also ensure that you are able to read and write to the consumption directory on the host.